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And so it begins. GitHub forces you to login to view the full history of a PR. I call this turning evil. Can we now leave this place despite all the lock-in it has generated?

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Have you ever heard of the mailto:?attach=~/… parameter? It allows to include arbitrary files on disk. So, why break PGP if you can politely ask the victim's mail client to include the private key? (1/4)

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Wichtige Durchsage: Falsche Großschreibung kann Beziehungen beenden! 😇

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Liebe Österreicherinnen und Österreicher, ich habe eine große Bitte an Sie: Wenden Sie sich nicht angewidert von der Politik ab. Beteiligen Sie sich an Diskussionen. Und – das ist mir ein besonderes Anliegen – gehen Sie am Sonntag wählen! (vdb)

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You can change the direction the train is travelling, just by thinking about it.

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Mind-bending example of a dolly zoom, achieved by zooming a zoom lens to adjust the angle of view while the camera dollies toward or away. Credit: Micaël Reynaud,

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Amazing close-up view of a waterspout near Tampa Bay, Florida captured by Joey Mole.

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A microscopic tardigrade goes for a stroll through some algae.

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Cats have a precise method of walking called "Direct Registering". Their hind paws fall inside the place of their forepaws, minimizing noise and visible tracks, while ensuring more stable footing.

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A flyby of the Earth at night, seen from the International Space Station.

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Hmm. Der @Dudenverlag@twitter.com leitet alle auf seiner Website nachgeschlagenen Wörter an Facebook - inklusive evtl. vorhandener FB-Cookies, so dass die Anfragen dort personenbezogen ausgewertet werden können.

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this is a serious mirrorball glad it comes with wheels it's so heavy we might just leave it sitting on the floor that'd be sth new for a change @postgarage@twitter.com @radiofm4@twitter.com warm up special on air tomorrow w/ @fm4unlimited@twitter.com

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